2 Weeks Postpartum Update. Going from Two to Three Children

Hello you lovely lot!

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to all of you for reading my blogs and for the overwhelming congratulations we’ve received since welcoming our newest addition – little Milani, 18 days ago. 💖

Cover image credit: @moderntribephotography based in Norwich, UK.

I can’t believe she’s already been here 18 days. Milani has quite honestly been an absolute little sweetheart. She has been such an angel baby… I am sure she’s probably been asleep for about 17 out of her 18 days with us so far!

I’m going to write a birth story blog as most of you will know I was planned to have a csection but it didn’t exactly go to plan because she decided to come early! So I won’t go into detail here 😁 I’ll save it for that blog.

Big Brother – Bobby

Bobby and Jax have adjusted better than I could have ever imagined. Bobby had preschool the first 3 days after we came home from hospital. So he was up and out of the house by 8am and wasn’t home until 4pm. So he didn’t really get to see Milani at all. He was so uninterested with her to start with but as soon as he had a day with her it didn’t take long & he just couldn’t leave her alone. Now … 2 weeks later he is so so helpful. He could confidently look after Milani I’m sure of it. He can change her nappy and knows when she needs feeding etc. He always makes sure she has her blanket on her and even tries to put her “gloves” on if she starts scratching her face 😂. For a little boy of just 3 years old I’m so impressed by the love he’s showing towards her. Bobby isn’t a very loving / affectionate child so it’s really lovely as a parent to see it coming through. Especially towards a sibling. He’s fitting into his protective big brother role perfectly ❤️.

Big Brother – Jax

Jax, is absolutely besotted by his baby sister! From the minute he wakes up he’s asking for ‘Baby???’ And ‘Larrrrniii???’. Jax can’t say Milani yet, so for now it’s just Lani…. which I actually think is quite sweet. He’s only two but he would sit and cuddle her all day if he could. I constantly catch him stroking her head and giving her kisses. He has no sense of being gentle yet though, so half the time I find myself having to say “Nicely, Jax!” Or “Be gentle, she’s only little”

Then in his soft little voice I hear “Oh no! … Solly mummy, solly baby”.

He can’t say sorry yet and every time I hear ‘Solly’ he makes me want to cry because his little voice is so damn cute! He also likes to whisper things in her ear and when Milani makes a noise he gets all excited and says “Lani talking to me!”.

It’s funny.. it reminds me of when I had Jax. Bobby was 17 months old and I was constantly reminding him to be gentle and basically to leave his little brother alone! 🙈 But now I’m saying it to Jax and Bobby can actually enjoy having a little sister and can help!

Look how proud little Jax is of his little sister 💕

Family of Five

So now we are a family of five! Wow. FIVE!! Well six including the dog haha. And how are we getting on?

So far, it’s been … alright! It’s definitely helped that Milani has been so good (4 hourly breastfeeding) has been a blessing so far. So I’m getting a fair amount of sleep at night. Probably the same as when I was pregnant to be fair! Snod has been a superstar looking after the boys, cooking etc and I’ve been looking after Milani and of course myself because I’m still recovering from my csection. (Secretly it’s been nice to let him experience a snippet of what I have to when he goes offshore!) 😜

The boys’ routine has stayed pretty much the same which I think has been key to them adjusting so well. It’s been the Easter holidays as well which has been a bit of a pain for us as we’ve not exactly been able to go out and do many fun things with them. We’ve been pretty much stuck at home at least for the first week! Hoping we can get out more this week! ❤️ Here’s the photos I have of the three of them. It’s so hard (basically impossible to get any) especially that aren’t blurry!!


We’ve been out of the house a few times now and the hardest part has probably been fitting us all in the car! I’ve now been demoted to the middle back seat. We have quite a big car already – an Audi Q5. But we can’t fit 3 carseats across the back which is super annoying.

So, Bobby is now in the front seat whilst Milani and Jax are each side of me in the back. We have started looking now to change our car to something more practical and a car that fits 3 seats across the back as well as having a large boot for the pram/double buggy as well as the kids bikes etc.

We’ve been looking at the Ford S-Max ST and the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso … so if anyone has one of these I’d love to hear if you’d recommend etc?


Anyway I think that’s enough for now ☺️

Thanks for reading, as always ❤️

Emma – The OnshoreMum x

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