Pregnancy Update – 27 Weeks

Hi guys, I thought I’d write a little update on how things are going now in our third and final pregnancy. I’m 27 weeks and feeling huge already, this baby started showing from 8 weeks and has wanted to make herself known proudly! I’m feeling huge movements now, especially in the evenings. She also often reacts to her big brothers screaming and shouting – I’m sure she’s trying to join in their mischief already.


I finally stopped being sick at around 20-21 weeks… HOORAY! & Since then, I’ve finally got my energy back. No more falling asleep at any given opportunity, and I can stay awake past 9pm – winning! After dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum for 20 weeks (find my previous blog about it here) I can honestly say I’m so glad I only had it for that long. Now that may seem like a long time, but some poor expectant mama’s have it right through until labour! So, if that’s happened to you… my hat well and truly comes off because I really don’t know how you did it!


So, I’m finally feeling more myself again. At the start of this pregnancy my skin was awful – thanks hormones! My skin was so dull and dry I could barely use foundation as it just looked awful and scaley no matter how much I exfoliated and moisturised. I also suffered with blemishes and have two burst blood vessels on my cheeks which are now there permanently. Cheers pregnancy for that, too!

But today I’ve reached 27 weeks pregnant – the third and final trimester. And overall, I’m feeling alright!

Belly’s gonna get ya.

Before falling pregnant, I can honestly say I’d just got to a point where I was really happy with the way my body was looking. I’d been through two pregnancies in 3 years and gone up and down 3 dress sizes – twice in that time. The picture below was just before I fell pregnant. It was coming up to our wedding and my hen do etc, and I finally felt good after losing my ‘baby weight’.


But here I am a few months later once again expanding everywhere and piling on the pounds. As a girl, I don’t think we can help but be conscious of our body image.. as much as I try not to let it bother me – watching the scales go up each week does make me nervous. I know I’m growing another precious baby and that I shouldn’t worry too much but I can’t help it! I started this pregnancy at 8 stone 3 lbs, and now at 27 weeks I am 10 stone. So I’ve put on nearly 2 stone already – still with a long way to go.

My problem is that I’m comparing my body to my previous pregnancies… I’d put on probably the same amount by this time with Bobby, but I know I hadn’t put on this much with Jax. Which is why I’m judging myself (even though I know I shouldn’t!) I keep telling myself I’m fatter this time because I’m carrying a girl haha! It makes me feel better anyway 🌸

There’s nothing glamorous about pregnancy!

The truth is, there really isn’t. You may see pictures on social media of pregnant women in their workout gear or high heels looking bloody amazing. But I guarantee you, I bet it’s all staged. They’ve probably got a face full of make up, had their hair done especially and then used the most filtering filter out there – just for their social upkeep.

But ultimately, when they get home, we’re all the same – it’s bra off, big knickers & pjs on in front of the telly moaning to their OH that their back hurts. Oh and don’t forget that their boobs hurt, as well as having leaky nipples. (Yep you know it lol). Take it all with a pinch of salt!8cc07cd36829e5553ec62d3cfa7f00dc--pregnancy-problems-sport-brasIMG_6885

Don’t believe everything you see on social media! Except this… this is definitely true!



We haven’t started doing a nursery yet for a few reasons…

  1. Jax is still in the cot – so we need to get him into a single bed first.
  2. Bobby’s bedroom is currently where the nursery will be, so we need to redecorate our spare bedroom for Bobby and move him in there before we can even think about decorating the nursery!
  3. The baby will definitely be in a moses basket / co-sleeping with me for at least the first six months so there really is no rush for it to be ready for her arrival.

However, my little excited self is simply itching to get Bobby moved rooms so I can get the paintbrushes out. We FINALLY have a little girl and can buy all things pretty in pink! 💗 So, even though I know it’s not necessary, I know exactly what I want / which theme I’m doing etc. Perhaps I’ll do a nursery blog when we eventually start it, what do you think? I must admit I did buy her bedding today. It had 20% off so thought I’d be silly not to! I trawled the internet for weeks trying to find bedding I liked. Even considered getting it made like I did Bobby’s. Then eventually one night stumbled across a set in Dunelm that was the perfect colouring. It also little ditsy floral sheets that were exactly what I was looking for. Here’s the link for anyone interested.

Also, I must admit… I want all this done in an ideal world before she arrives at the end of March. However, Snod is doing extra time over the next few months so he can have six weeks off once she’s here. (I’ll be having a planned cesarean – so will need the extra hands on help with the two boys). It’s going to be a squeeze if not impossible to get it all done in time. Either way, as long as Jax is out of the cot and Bobby is moved into his new bedroom – I don’t mind. I just need the extra storage for all her things! That’s my main priority. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a million sleepsuits, vests and ‘baby’ stuff around. Finding the space to fit a whole new human’s belongings is proving more difficult than I imagined. I just can’t wait to have all her clothes washed and hung properly / folded into draws – instead of being shoved in bags as it is currently.

Well… That’s it from me for now, if you made it this far, thanks for reading 🤗

Please do comment or message me if you have any questions etc. I love hearing from my readers! IMG_5883

Emma – The Onshore Mum x

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