Must Haves for Mums & Dads!

We all know that when you find out you’re having a baby, suddenly there’s a whole world of new ‘stuff’ around you. But what do you really need? Here’s our Top 5 must haves from mums and dads, who have been there, done that & got the sicky, shitty t-shirt!

Video Baby Monitor

What better way is there for lazy parenting nowadays, when you basically have CCTV on your child haha? In all seriousness though, these things are worth their weight in gold. Not only can you keep a constant eye on them (literally), making sure they’re face isn’t covered etc. You can also watch and listen out for whether baby is ‘stirring’ or actually awake and needing you! This put my mind at ease in those early days. Especially for daytime naps… We could be outside in the garden and not worry about the baby being in bed on his own!



Find them here: Video Baby Monitors

Sleepyhead Deluxe

Seriously though, how comfy does this look?! If someone offered me one of these I’d be out like a light & sleeping through every night. I never had one of these… However, I’ve only heard masses of positive feedback and recommendations for these things. I guess it’s like a baby cocoon, makes them feel cuddled and enclosed….

I wonder if they do an adult’s version!

Product Info:

The Sleepyhead® DELUXE+ pod is the ultimate pod for your baby from ages 0-8 months old. The pod is multifunctional, multitasking and offers a safe and comfy spot that lets baby sleep, rest, co-sleep, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes.

DELUXE+ pods are lightweight and portable, allowing for easy travel from room to room, grandma’s house or on vacation. All materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic.

Find it here: Sleepyhead Deluxe

IKEA – Antilop High Chair

Don’t care what anyone says.. This it the best damn highchair you will find. Not only is it awesome… it’s only £13 with the tray!!

No that’s not a typo, it really is only £13… What a bargain :O

You may think it’s a bit clinical / boring, but it does the job and wipes completely clean. There’s no padding with creases to bury food into, no bright colours to distract them from their food. But want to know the BEST thing… it all goes in the dishwasher! WINNING!!


Find it here: IKEA Antilop High Chair

Ewan the Dream Sheep

This bad boy has mums and dads all over the world *baaing* down to him – sorry.

I know many mums who swear by this little fella to get their little ones to sleep. & Keep them asleep. When you’re sleep deprived and exhausted I think you’re willing to try anything to get a few solid hours! Even if it means spending £30 on a cuddly toy LOL!

Product Info:

Ewan The Dream Sheep is a very soft cuddly toy with light and sound features, including actual womb and heartbeat recordings, that calms babies and toddlers and unfailingly lulls them into a peaceful slumber. Apart from being simply the cutest sheep on the block, Ewan makes a perfect new baby gift!

He now comes in grey too


Find him here: Ewan the Dream Sheep – Grey


Tommee Tippee – Perfect Prep Machine

No more boiling the kettle at 3am and cooling those bottles under the tap. This piece of awesomeness makes a bottle at the perfect temperature – in under 2 minutes! What a lifesaver! We found this especially useful when having an older sibling asleep too. Nothing worse than waking the older child up by the younger one waiting for their bottle.

This was a game changer for us… even though we only used it for three months after I stopped breastfeeding Jax at 9 months old. It was so much easier than making all Bobby’s bottles when he was a baby.

They’ve brought out loads of colours now, too. So you can pick one to match your kitchen!

Find it here: Tommee Tippee – Perfect Prep Machine

So there we have it. Our Top 5 must haves for mums and dads! If you were to recommend one product to a new parent… What would it be??

Let me know, I’d love to write another!

Thanks for reading,

Emma – The Onshore Mum x


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