Why I Only Wash My Hair Once A Week!

I am constantly being asked how I get away with only washing my hair once – every 7-10 days. Yep! You read that right! I only wash my hair 3-4 times a month & honestly… It’s in the best condition it’s ever been!

EWWWW. You may be thinking! Well maybe… but by the amount of you, who have already asked me my secret – I’m sure I can’t be the only one thinking …..  ‘I have much better things to do with my time than spend countless hours each week – washing, drying then straightening or curling my hair.’

Before having the boys, I’d wash my hair every other day. Sometimes every day, because, well…. I had to! … It would just get so greasy so quickly!

Sound familiar? Keep reading..

Looking back, the damage I was doing to my hair and scalp was phenomenal. But I honestly just thought it was normal. I mean – this is just part of what being a girl is all about, right?


If you’re washing your hair every other day, just think what you are actually doing to it!

  • Brushing – Each day you’re brushing out those tangles.
  • Washing – Shampoo. Do you know what’s in it? What you are putting on your head? You are stripping it of all the natural oils which are there to protect your hair and scalp.
  • Lathering – Ever find when you lather your shampoo your hair ends up all tangled? Mine always used to do this. I was rubbing all my hair against each other, causing it to get in knots and ultimately – causing more split ends with every wash 😦
  • Rinsing – Well as my hair was already tangled up from the shampoo, rinsing wasn’t always easy. More often than knot 😉 **pun intended** I’d end up getting my fingers caught up and probably causing more damage.
  • Conditioning – Smothering half a bottle of conditioner on then brushing through those tangles…. Hair collecting in the bottom of the shower or bath? Yep … me too.
  • Towel drying – This is probably the worst thing I used to do… & had no idea it was so bad. I would turn my head upside down… wrap the towel around my head and squeeze as much water out of my hair as I could. Then I would give it another rub over with the towel trying to get the worst of it off. When I lifted my head up I’d be left with a big ole lion’s mane – once again all tangled up.

A hairdresser once said to me by rubbing your hair over with a towel – you’re just causing friction all over your hairs meaning they’re going to catch against each other – causing yet more damage.

Healthy hair vs damaged hair

Ever ran your fingers up your hair the wrong way? The damage on your hair cuticles is what you can feel.

  • Detangling – So you’re out of the shower… Before you can do anything else, you’ve gotta brush out those tangles – AGAIN. I’d slap on loads of argan oil or something similar & spend ages, once again brushing out those knots! (This by the way was probably adding to why my hair was getting greasy so quickly! More is definitely not merrier with hair products).
  • Drying – HEAT…. I don’t really need to say much else here!
  • Styling – Again… HEAT! Whether it’s straighteners or tongs… It’s the worst thing to be doing everyday… Especially if you’re quickly re going over bits you’ve already done!

Sound bad? Well think about what you’re doing when you’re repeating this process over & over every other day. 

So what changed?

In 2014 I had Bobby – a little bundle of *ahem* joy, who wanted my undivided attention – like allllllll the time. Everything changed.

I barely found time to sneak off and shower, let alone bloody wash, rinse, wash, rinse, condition, leave for 2 mins, rinse. LOL! & Don’t even get me started on shaving my legs! 😀

Fast forward two years and I now have two kids under three. So basically, something had to give…. & Guess what…. It was me that had to do it. I remember getting up one morning and thinking ‘FUCK’ I really need to wash my hair before we go out this morning….

It didn’t happen… We must have been late (as usual) so I grabbed the dry shampoo and that was that.

The next day I woke up again and thought ‘FUCKKKK’ I reeeeaaallly need to wash my hair today. Guess what…. It never happened…. So by now this had been 4 days it hadn’t been washed. I felt disgusting. I felt like everywhere I went people were staring at my head thinking –

‘EWW look at her hair it’s so greasy’. But no one said anything!

The next day, I remember getting up, looking in the mirror and thinking ‘Oh my gosh’. My hair actually looked half decent straight out of bed 😉 I don’t know whether the dry shampoo had made it go all full and volumized? I have no idea…. but it honestly didn’t have that greasy looking appearance anymore. My hair and scalp had gone past the worst point and had started to naturally clean itself.

That night I washed it and then decided I would try and do the same thing again over the next few days. So that’s exactly what I did… Each week I dragged it out as far as I could before washing it… I found some days I’d alternate hairstyles and have it up. Then the next day I could add a bit more dry shampoo and have it down again…

I soon found, the ‘dirtier‘ it got…. the better it looked & easier it was to style. You know hairdressers always say if you’re coming in for an updo / wedding hair it’s best not to freshly wash it? Well this is similar to that.

A few months in…

I’d suddenly noticed my hair had got really long! Cutting out the intense – time consuming routine, meant my hair wasn’t splitting as badly. And ultimately wasn’t breaking off! Here’s a couple of pictures…

Getting to that point wasn’t easy though. I had to spend a month or two getting used to that horrible greasy feeling. It’s difficult to explain but I was so used to washing it as soon as it started to feel dirty – I had to consciously tell myself NO. It’s ok… It doesn’t need washing yet…. It’s just what I’m used to. I had to change what I’d always known as ‘normal’. Does that make sense?

My routine now…

  • Day 1 – Wash my hair, let it dry naturally with a tiny bit of serum. I probably use my hairdryer 1 wash out of 4 (only on a medium heat and I never fully dry it). I normally clip half of it up on day one. I find this helps to create volume at my roots as it fully dries out throughout the day.
  • Day 2 – LOVE this day. My hair is always the best the day after washing. It’s normally down this day – & it has natural volume from being clipped up the day before.
  • Day 3 – Normally Ok this day too!
  • Day 4 – A bit of dry shampoo across my hairline and parting.
  • Day 5 – Clipped up or half up half down.
  • Day 6 – Extra dry shampoo. I’ll section my hair and apply a tiny bit in each part. Don’t go crazy with it! Use less… Over a larger surface area. This day I normally can wear it down.. It’s full and looks good!! It’s starting to feel like it needs washing though… BUT from the dry shampoo not from it feeling greasy.
  • Day 7 – Will probably be clipped up! Either fully or partly.
  • Day 8 to 10 – Depending on what I’ve been doing over the week will depend if I get to days 8, 9 & 10. If I’ve had to style it or got hot etc then I’d wash it. If not then I’d repeat the steps for Day 6 & 7.

If you’d like to know which products I love… Let me know and I’d be happy to write about them too!

 I hope this has all made sense. I’d love to know whether any of you guys are thinking of trying to go a bit longer between washes! Feel free to comment and let me know. Plus any questions you may have 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Emma – The Onshore Mum x


21 Replies to “Why I Only Wash My Hair Once A Week!”

  1. Love this post! I am half like this already but Gonna try the going 7-10 days! Just sat and read all of your posts, they are so good and I love how real you are in them, think mums and mums to be will really like them. Looking forward to reading the next one. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh 🙂 you don’t know how much your comment made me smile just now. So lovely to hear you’ve just read all my blogs! Thank you so much! I really want to be as honest as I can about all this …. I hate the thought of someone seeing perfect squares on my instagram and thinking it’s all sunshine and rainbows having kids. Otherwise it makes them feel like shit! (I used to be that person that felt shit) … now I feel shit but tell everyone about it 😂 so they don’t feel as shit!!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great blog!

    Can I ask? When you put up, how do you get the kinks out without then straightening it?

    I wash my hair every day but find it I have it up one day, i look like a scarecrow the following day with bits poking in all directions?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The trick is definitely those spiral hair bands and the little butterfly style clips! You get 10/12 in a pack from primark for £1. They’re a godsend. I’ve found using a spiral hair band. And then using clips helps it not to kink. Xxx hope it helps! 😘 xxx


  3. Ahhhhh thats the trick then!!!! 😂 I’d just go crazy and spray it all over and brush it straigh out. No wonder it would look shit asif it snowed on top of my head😂 Thanks so much!
    I will definitely try it your way😊

    Yep definitely! It’s quite long so the weight weighs it down abit so at the moment doesnt go super crazy than when i had shorter hair.

    Awww I’m glad it made your day😘👇
    “Throw kindness around like confetti”

    Much love
    Mariana x

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  4. Great blog post Emma! I’ve been struggling to find the time to wash my hair since I had my little one and have gone from washing every day to washing twice a week but I’m definitely going to try and stretch it longer with dry shampoo like you do. My only issue is that my hair is very fine and yours is so thick so I think it’s not gonna be the same but let’s see… also, if I leave mine to dry without hairdryer/straighteners it looks pretty dire! Particularly as I have loads of baby hair around my face since I was pregnant… but we’ll see how I get on! Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a good read Emma, I’m going to give this a go! With my job I have to have my hair up so saves having to use anything on it but brilliant tips for having it down and when! My hair breaks so easy at the moment, especially with Olly tugging on it all day so would be lovely to get it back in good condition! Thanks for the tag 😊 Xx

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  6. Yaaaay I’m not the only “trampy” Muma who doesn’t wash their hair all the time 🙌 i haven’t washed my hair more than once a week in 5 years haha! I remember getting to a stage and thinking when did i actually last wash it?!? Sounds awful but baby brain anyone? I’d left it 12 days & I’d had compliments on how beautiful my hair was the day that was day 11, i haven’t left it that long since that was pure baby brain but i literally am the same as you once a week or 8-10 depending on what’s happening during that time! More than happy to admit it & my hair sits just above my bum is thick & so healthy 💪 😘 x


  7. I can’t stand washing my hair everyday! Been thinking for ages about doing the whole ‘let’s see how long I can go without washing it’ malarkey. So going to give this ago 🙂 xx

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  8. Helloo!
    Just wanted to say how good your blogs are they got me hooked! You describe things brilliantly.
    Your hair looks amazing from those pictures!! Is your hair naturally straight or wavy? Also what are your favourite hair products?
    Much love
    Mariana x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Mariana! Thanks so much for your comment! I always try and write my blogs clearly so I really appreciate what you said! 🙂 Where are you from?

      Thank you! My hair is naturally wavy. However there are some parts to it which a quite curly especially when it’s wet. My hair was curly when I was younger – however bleach and over processing it throughout my teens seemed to get rid of most of the curls!

      I try not to do too much with my hair. Unless I have to for an occasion / photoshoot. I’ve started writing another blog on my favourite hair products … but generally I use John Frieda serum / heat protector. Schwarzkopf Silhouette Invisible hold hair spray (white bottle) and batiste blush dry shampoo. I also like the tresemme dry shampoo!

      That’s all I can think of off the top of my head! Hope it helps 🙂

      Emma x

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      1. Hey Emma 😊
        Trust me you write them brilliantly and they are rather humorous too!
        I am from Portugal but actually live local to you😋

        Ahh no way!!! I thought it was naturally straight! Mine is also wavy when normal but my God they’re messy waves🙈
        I must say though aswell, since I’ve been washing my hair twice a week as opposed to every other day it has really grown!

        I will definitely keep a look out for your next blog👀. Thank you so much for your recommendations! I just for some reason can’t seem to apply dry shampoo properly😂 either it goes white or it does nothing😑 maybe i need to try the tresemme one and see if its better.

        Thank you sooo much for taking the time to reply to me😄

        Much love
        Mariana x

        Liked by 2 people

      2. The trick is to apply it in tiny short bursts. And reshake it after every couple of squirts. Always do it quite far away from your head. Once I’ve applied a little I tie it back and then do my make up. Leaving it on a while before I rub it in seems to help it work better! Then once my make up is done I take out my hair and then hey presto. Give it a rub and you’re good to go! If you think you may need a little more then add a little 😉

        Wow! Portugal! No wonder you’re hair is naturally a little more crazy!

        Thanks so much again for your compliment. You’ve made my day !!

        Emma x


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