Single Parents I Salute You…

When we were children, most of us dreamed of growing up and finding our happily ever after. A nice house, some kids, & probably a furry animal in there too. Some of us are lucky enough to experience this until our old age! But scarily, a staggering 1 in 4 of us won’t.

Living solo 50% of the time means I get to briefly experience the hardships of lone parenting… However I’m lucky enough to only experience it for a short while. When Snod’s trip is nearly up – I simply can’t wait for him to walk through that door. I’m literally counting down the hours – Just to give me a break!

But if you’re a true single parent… Do you get your break?

ANSWER: Probably not.

Long days, long nights, cooking, cleaning, changing bums, washing bottles, the list is endless! And if you’re doing that on your own day in – day out. As well as trying to look after yourself…. Well my hat truly comes off to you… You’re a super parent! Lone parents simply don’t get enough credit. I can’t imagine being in the situation where I already have had to deal with the fact I’m raising my child / children alone. & Then to carry on life as ‘normal‘ – with some parents juggling work in the mix as well…

It’s incredible what parents can do when they simply ‘have no other choice’ than to just ‘get on with it’.

So if you are – or know a lone parent. Give yourself / them a pat on the back. And if you can… offer to go round and watch the kids while they go and have a bath – BY THEMSELVES. Something so small, will mean so much ❤



One Reply to “Single Parents I Salute You…”

  1. Love this Emma x been a single parent 10yrs now since the children were 3 and 6……working 55 a week with kiddies too I’m not going to lie,there’s been some really tough times… women are so strong and do the very best we can for our families,sometimes it’s just lovely when someone says,be proud of yourself! And wow u do a fab job! It’s lovely so thanku so much for this blog lovely lady x

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