Sleep Deprivation

One of the hardest things we have to deal with and adapt to, when becoming a parent – is learning to survive on the absolute bare minimum of sleep.


Gone are the days/nights of partying til 4am  – then getting up and going into work the next morning! … I thought that was ‘tiredness‘.  😂 Oh how I was SOOO wrong.

Real ‘tiredness’ only becomes a true reality once you have children. If you’re reading this and you don’t yet have the pleasure of little people. Then you may not believe me…. You may laugh & think I’m chatting on a load of old bollocks, because working 9-5 / full time is knackering!

Just to clarify…  Working 9-5 is knackering! But that’s exactly what it is… 9-5.

Parenthood however, is a 24 hour – UNPAID job. Working mums clock off at 5, then go home to start work all over again. Keeping the house, sorting dinners, bathing kids, packing school bags & getting tomorrow’s clothes ready to do it all over again.

Once I became a mum- physical, emotional, mental tiredness & exhaustion hit a whole new level – A level I never knew existed. 

The feeling of a truly exhausted parent is nothing like having a crazy night out. & Then getting up with a hangover & going to work on 3/4 hours sleep.

NOPE. Nope. Nope! Sometimes, if a sickness bug has ripped through the household all week – I imagine that a 6 hour hangover might be actually be better than being so damn tired you end up making yourself a coffee & leaving your phone in the fridge. PS. You didn’t get to drink that coffee either. . . It went cold. ☕️

When you’re child free, you finish work.  You clock off  – Go home – & That’s it!!  #FRIYAY.

Another big fat LOL. Everyone knows that #FRIYAY is automatically invalid once you’ve got kids 😂.

So now you’re home from work. You’re on that sofa watching the telly probably ordering a take out. Once you’ve finished watching trashy telly you go up to bed. You’re now so tired from last nights sesh, it’s finally hit you. 9pm is considered an early night pre-kids! So it’s lights out.  **mum chuckle**

… You go to sleep at 9pm and wake up the next day. If it’s your day off – you lay in.

Oh my gosh.

LAY IN. I miss that word a lot. 10am…. 10.30am….. 11am!! WOW.

What a distant memory 😫.

If you’re a mum reading this is, I’m sure you’ll agree how we used to do exactly that. To have a lay in and feel sooooo much better.


I’m just over here like: ‘I wish we could lay in past 8am.’ 🙌🏻 …. If we’re lucky.

80% of the time Bobby wakes up by 6am. & That includes Sunday’s. Damn you kid for not understanding that Sunday’s are meant for breakfast in bed, snoozing until noon while dad catches the end of  MOTD repeat.

Truthfully though, I genuinely can’t remember the last time we slept until 10am. It 100% hasn’t happened since we had Bobby. So that’s nearly 3 years now.

Crazy but it’s true!

The hardest part of it all, for me has definitely been the broken sleep. Night in – night out. For weeks, months at a time. That’s when I really start to struggle. When they ‘don’t sleep through, like ever’. 

img_3270There’s something about never getting a full solid 7 hours sleep that gradually wears you down. Getting up 2/3 times a night…. every night… for months. With only a one off good night here and there.

Slowly, you begin to feel the effects…

Teething, sickness, jabs, and general newborn up to age one normalities. It all builds up until you suddenly think..

‘ I don’t know how I’m going to get through today….. ‘

But you do! 😊 You get up, dress up and show up. There’s no days off. You can’t call in sick. & You can’t just stay in bed if you’re feeling like crap. 

Of course there are days when you DO just need to wave your little white flag and ask for HELP …. 🏳

  • Getting a friend to pop round so you can have a well deserved nap…
  • Getting the kids a Happy Meal because quite frankly you can’t be arsed to cook then clean up all the mess afterwards…
  • Skipping bath time. (We’ve all done it)… that dreaded 4pm-7pm routine where kids just morph into tired, hungry, whinge bags.

So, If you’re yet to have children…. My gosh, please make the most of your sleep tonight😂 You really don’t know how lucky you are to only wake up for a wee in the night 👍🏼

& to alllll the mamas. You’re doing grrrrrreat!! 🐯 (ft. Tony the Tiger).

Thanks for reading my rant, bet you’d never have guessed both my kids have been poorly this week would you 🙈😂!

Emma – The Onshore Mum x

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