Daddy’s Home!

And so, our countdown reached zero!

I never tell the boys when daddy’s due home. At least, until I know he’s safely back on dry land. There’s no worse feeling than waiting for him – and at the last hour finding out they can’t get in due to bad weather, fog or a broken chopper 😉

On Thursday however, all went to plan and Snod’s taxi pulled up about 2.30pm. Both the boys were soundo having their nap, which meant Chilli the dog was thrilled to have Snod all to himself for a few precious minutes.

Seeing daddy…

Jax woke first, I went up, got him out of his cot then put him on the floor.  As I walked out, he followed behind me onto the landing- where Snod was sat waiting. I grabbed the camera and started recording. [Watch it here] on our Instagram page – & Remember to follow us too 🙂

What happened next – was priceless  ♥

That momentary embrace was truly heart melting to watch. He was so overwhelmed that his daddy was home, you could see him not wanting to let go- incase he went again. I honestly thought Jax was going to burst into tears. I never realised how much emotion and love a 1 year old can have!

A picture says a thousand words..

Then came Bobby…

After two weeks of Bobby being the one I thought had missed his dad most, I was completely and utterly proven wrong by what happened next! 😀 [Watch both videos here!]

He woke up & saw me holding Snod’s phone. ‘Daddy’s phone!!’ He said instantly. I couldn’t believe he had noticed something so small. He peered out of his bedroom, then suddenly went all shy! He didn’t dare come out of his room haha! He was suddenly far more interested in getting his trousers back on. Then was procrastinating asking me where his toy cars were….. Poor Snod LOL !! He hadn’t seen his children in two weeks and Bobby was more interested in his toy cars…

‘ Oh well… At least one of my boys is happy to see me 🙂 ‘ he laughed!

Eventually, daddy got his cuddle… al be it a quick one – purely because Jax got another hug and Bobby soon got jealous 😉  It’s so funny how each of your children can be so different. Bobby has never been one for cuddles, or even sitting still in general. Even as a baby! 

Whereas Jax, on the other hand, has always been a cuddly – snuggly baby. He often just walks up to us with his arms open wide and gives us a huge hug. Along with kisses too. If I want a kiss from Bobs it normally involves some form of bribery LOL :D..

♥ ♥ ♥ Brotherly Love ♥ ♥ ♥

The love they have for each other though, I can see growing each day now. Jax doesn’t have to use bribery to get Bobby’s kisses, in fact he probably gets the most out of everyone. Just because Bobby absolutely adores his little baby brother ♥

Bobby & Jax  ❤

Do you have children who couldn’t be any more different? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Thanks for reading guys… to every single one of you! I’d like to find and get in contact with more mamas like me who have partners that work away a lot. Monday – Friday and home at weekends? Military families etc, and of course offshore too! It would be great to come together to share our experiences and ultimately provide support as like minded parents / parents – to – be… Thanks again,

Emma Luscher – The Onshore Mum x


P.S – still wingin’ it daily 😛

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