The Countdown Begins…

I actually can’t believe Snod has been away for ten days already. It seems like only yesterday I was writing my last post – Bye Bye Daddy

We’ve had a crazy, busy trip, which is probably why it’s flown. But now the ‘last weekend is done’, meaning daddy’s coming home 🙂

This is the part of the trip where I tend to hit a wall and really become ready for Snod’s return. However, I’m pretty sure it’s all in my head, because if I knew he was away for three weeks. I’d be fine until next weekend.d6a157699be063325be422e597c43d7d


Here’s a couple of pics from our beach walk the other day. Trying to get Bobby not to abandon his bike half way along the promenade definitely proved to be difficult. So what did I do?

I pulled out parenting trick #1 and used food as bribery…in the form of an ice cream. . I swear kids just don’t feel the cold? But fair enough Bobs, if an ice cream in February means your brother and I get a tantrum free morning then… Hey! Why not have some donuts as well! ….  Happy kid = A Happy Mum. Bonus points too as I didn’t have to drag the bloody thing home (the bike not Bobby) haha!  😉

BUT… There is definitely a massive downside to having such a two sided life.

I always feel like the boys & I have just about got ourselves back into routine just in time for Snod to come home. When he’s away, I make sure I do the same things each morning with the boys. As well as it helping me, I’ve really found it helps them…

  1. Keep busy and occupied when Daddy first goes away.
  2. Gives them something to think about & they always know what they’re doing next.
  3. Makes it easier to get everyone organised and ready in the mornings.
  4. Motivates the boys and I to get ‘Up & Out’.

The trouble is…. as soon as daddy comes home, it all goes tits up.

Obviously, the last thing Snod wants to do after 14 days straight of 12 hour shifts…. Is get up with Bobby at 6am on his first day off. But… at the same time- I also don’t want to be banging about with our normal morning routine, while daddy has a well deserved lay in. Kids just don’t get what ‘SSHHHH’ and ‘Quiet’ means, do they!?

Poor little Jax however, has never known any different and pretty much always sleeps through Bobs’ little morning rituals! Silver lining ‘n’ all that.

So yeah…. That’s when all our hard work of getting a routine into place- slips away.  We go downstairs and put on CBeebies. Then before we know it, it’s 11am and everyone’s still in their pjs. Sake!

I’ve tried so hard keeping to the same routine once Snod’s home, but it’s a lot easier said than done. Snod normally needs the first weekend to chill out, recharge and relax. Which I totally understand. But I then feel bad if I’m taking the boys out and doing things with out him. I feel like he’s then missing out on our precious family time, all together. 

Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Did you have to compromise in the end? Or did they?  Or neither?


Having someone you love, not being there – at all… for 50% of the time means I guess… I’m raising our two children, mostly on my own. Of course Snod is there 100% emotionally, and all the rest but he’s NOT HERE. So, I’m the one making day to day decisions for their entire lives – two weeks at a time.

I’m the one getting them up each day, dressed, breakfast, housework (eyeroll), food shopping, cooking, cleaning, preschool drop offs, playdates, wiping the tears, wiping the snot, feeding them three meals a day, bathing them, reading stories, putting them to bed and then getting up with them in the night.

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it like that before if I’m honest. I think writing this has actually answered my own question. I think my downfall is, I’m keeping us all so busy to pass the time for daddy to come home. Then he comes home and it’s like ahhhhh so what shall we do?


I think I need to take a bit more control. I’m the boss half the month, then feel bad for making the decisions once I’m no longer the ‘man’ of the house.

I’ve been stopping our routine I’ve worked so hard for – in order to fit around Snod. In reality, I think should probably be the other way round. I mean, it must be hard for the boys to adapt too.


Such a true quote. I’m learning so much about myself lately, I’ll never be perfect but atleast I know I’ll always be real ♥


The Onshore Mum x


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One Reply to “The Countdown Begins…”

  1. Hi, it’s lovely to find someone in a similar situation to me yay! My husband works offshore abroad on a rota of 4weeks on/4weeks off and we have one son who is 8. Some things get easier over time, but others don’t. My son knows it’ll be 30 days till he sees his dad again and as he’s getting to be a “big boy” he tries so hard not to cry when daddy leaves! Arghhhh. I tell him he’s allowed to cry because it is sad. I feel nobody really understands the lifestyle unless they’re living it. Weekends are tough as all our friends have their partners home so they naturally do family things together. Me and my boy are always out and about doing things ourselves but four weekends on the trot requires a lot of thinking up new ideas ha!

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