Bye Bye Daddy

Today.. has hands down, been the hardest goodbye so far.

Watching your children get upset by something you can’t control, is truly heart wrenching. Each trip over the past few months has gradually been getting more difficult. Watching Snod squeeze the boys knowing it’s the last time he will see them for a minimum of two weeks.
It literally breaks my heart.

This morning, Bobby sat and watched Snod pack his bags. ‘Daddy’s going to work’ He kept saying to himself. ‘Daddy’s going on the helicopter’ … I could see the realisation that his daddy was going away, slowly sink in as he watched. Jax on the other hand was more interested in bloody Mr Tumble.

When the taxi arrived, Bobby helped daddy with his bags then gave him a big hug. I heard Snod whisper ‘Be a good boy for your mummy. Daddy will be home soon, I love you!’ By this point Jax had waddled into the hall. Snod picked him up, then gave him a cuddle and a big kiss.

‘Go and wave at the window, boys!’ Snod said as he left… The boys ran and waved, as their daddy went past for the last time. ‘I LOVE YOU!’ Bobby shouted. He turned around to me and this is when he said. ‘Daddy gone, mummy…. daddy gone to work’ 😦 His bottom lip quivered. ‘Daddy come back! Daddy come back!’ he cried, looking out of the window again, hoping he’d turn around and come home.

He didn’t. His daddy was gone 😦

At that point, I did what I always do to distract an upset toddler…. I offered him a biscuit. Did it work I hear you ask!? ….. Of course it did!

Once the excitement of an Aldi chocolate chip cookie wore off, we all went to the park! Bobby was busy riding his bike, then once he got bored of that – We headed for the swings!

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After lunch it was time to go and feed the ducks. On the way, I asked Bobs a question..

Me: ‘Bobby? What do ducks eat?’

Bobby: ‘Ham sandwiches mummy’

Me:  [ -_- ]

As I laughed at this little image in my head of a duck tucking into a ham sarnie… We heard a loud noise. I looked up and saw a helicopter flying overhead. Bobby saw it immediately and jumped straight off his bike. His little heart was bursting because he thought his daddy was right there in the helicopter!

‘Mummy!!! Look!!!!! Daddy!! Daddy!!!!! Daddy in the helicopter!!!!’ He shouted.  He was so full of emotion he literally jumped up and down waving frantically up at the sky.

I always encourage Bobby to wave at aeroplanes and helicopters when Snod is away. It reminds him whenever he sees one! He feels like he’s seen his daddy …. So, if you ever see me waving like a crazy woman at the sky…. Now you know why.

Here’s a little video of him waving to daddy.  & Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!, Twitter! & Snapchat! → @Luscherrr

Once the helicopter had gone out of sight, came panic. He utterly freaked out and went to run off so he could see it again. At this point I knelt down and said ‘Daddy’s going in the helicopter to work’. ‘Wave bye-bye to daddy and we can feed the ducks’.

‘Here you go Jax’
‘Thanks bro… I’m starving!!’

The ducks had their bread… Not a ham sandwich in sight… Then it was time, to go home…

After dinner, while Bobs was helping me clear up – he said..

 ‘Mummy?.. Is daddy coming home soon?’

‘Daddy coming back in the helicopter now?’.

& That was it…

My heart went into my mouth and I just didn’t know what to say. He’s never asked anything like that before! I had to break it to my baby that his daddy wasn’t coming home for another two weeks. Although, how do you explain the concept of time to a two year old?

I don’t think he understood…. But I could see he was confused & sad. His best friend was gone…

And then came bed time…

‘Jax kiss night night’ as he kissed his baby brother in his cot.

‘Mummy kiss night night’ as I tucked him into bed.

‘Daddy kiss night night???’ … </3

I told him mummy would send his kiss to daddy ….. ♥

So, daddy… Here’s your kiss goodnight from your boys, Bobby & Jax. ♥


See you soon, Daddy! xxx

By Emma – The Onshore Mum x

2 Replies to “Bye Bye Daddy”

  1. This really brought tears to my eyes – so true and it has become more and more difficult each trip as my lb has got older – he is now 4… every time he tells daddy on the phone that he wants him to come home today and it’s still another 9 or so days to go… nothing you can say to make it better except for a few glib comments about only a few more sleeps – and I know it is as heart wrenching for hubby as it is for us… you just have to think of all the pluses and the quality time when they are home that so many 9-5 daddies don’t get with the daily commute. Not going to be such a huge benefit when little man goes to school though but we'”@ have to cross that bridge when we come to it… x

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