The ‘BIG’ Day…

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YUP… That’s me 😉

So…. What’s this post about??

Ever since we’ve had kids, the first thing people ask is ‘Have you made any wedding plans yet?’ Or ‘When are you and Snod getting married then?’.  I never know what to answer when I’m asked this… Normally, I’m stood in the middle of Aldi – with one.. or if I’m extra lucky, both my annoying children fighting each other [ in the trolley ] for my attention.

Yes, we are engaged. Yes, we have two children. But, NO we aren’t in a rush to tie the knot.

I don’t know if it’s just me… But the thought of spending all that money on, basically a glorified party [ for everyone else ] is literally my worst nightmare :O I mean, of course it would be amazing and such a lovely memory.. Who doesn’t want to wear a beautiful dress and be a Princess for the day!

But right now – All I can see, is me feeling like that Kim Kardashian emoji… You know – the one where she’s chucking dollar bills about like free samples at MAC.


Oh look! There it is!..

Seriously though!! I genuinely believe I’d be walking round our reception thinking ….. Jeeez! That table plan could have been a new fancy telly. Or the money spent on that cake could have kitted out both the boys wardrobes for the next year!!

I don’t know… maybe I’m just weird… Or maybe I’m just… sensible? [more likely – weird]

Keeping up with the Kar **AHEM** Jones’

The amount of money people spend on weddings nowadays, is definitely getting more and more each year. Amazing news for anyone in the business side of things. But not so great for all of us brides & grooms to be. The list of Must Have’s for your Wedding is getting longer & more expensive every time I start flicking through Instagram etc.

& Since Pinterest has taken off, I definitely feel like I NEED to have that perfect ‘Pinterest Wedding’ with ALL the trimmings…..

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! –  I’d be in awe if I was invited to a wedding where someone had put that much effort into their special day! It would be a truly magical experience & something I would remember forever….. I’d only hope that the bride and groom are doing it because that’s exactly what they both want. Not because that’s what ‘so & so’ had …So we need to have the same / better!

Weddings now, just seem to be about who can throw the Biggest & Best party … With the most awesome band, biggest light up dancefloor & not forgetting a legendary chocolate glitter fountain with glow in the dark unicorns serving drinks all night. Quite frankly…… I just canny be arsed – LOL.

PLUS… Why is it as soon as you label it a wedding, the price tag doubles / even trebles!?

To be honest, I think I’m just too lazy haha. I just can’t be bothered to deal with the stress of arranging a big wedding & everything that comes with it. ‘Hire a wedding planner’ I hear you say… Mmmmmm, they may be worth their weight in gold to most couples; but to me it’s just moooore money being spent on a day I can’t justify spending loads on anyway. I don’t even really know how much weddings cost?? From what people have told me I guess its anywhere between 5-10k up to 25-30k for a higher end ‘Pinterest version’.

I’d much rather have that 20k in the bank ** a girl can dream** … Or put it into our house – Something that will benefit us for years to come. Even use some of it to take the boys travelling for a few months; show them the places the world keeps secret. Expand their little minds, with knowledge for their futures. Or failing that – Disneyland Orlando would be pretty damn awesome too 🙂


So, I guess what I’m saying is… At what point do we stop conforming to what ‘Everyone else is doing’? Social media plays such an influential role in our lives, nowadays… But we simply cannot afford to keep up with the expectations of everything we see in magazines or online.

I’d rather get married to my soul mate in a Registry Office, than be paying off our  Wedding Day debt for the next 5 years. – True Story

If you’re reading this, and you’ve already had your Big Day…. I’d love to know… ‘Was it all worth it?’

Maybe you can change my mind? … Tell me your opinion & maybe… just maybe I’ll be the one dishing out fancy McAleese wedding invitations next year 😀

I’ll definitely be the Money Kimoji then :D!

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theonshoremum x

9 Replies to “The ‘BIG’ Day…”

  1. Hey 🙂

    I couldn’t agree with you more!
    I’ve been engaged for almost a year now and I just had my daughter last December yet I’m always being questioned when I’ll be having my wedding as if babies aren’t a current expense I’m trying to manage as it is.

    Although I want a beautiful wedding as much as the next lady, I’ve seen some maybe normal but to me ridiculously prices venues eg 12k JUST for the venue hire and I just think 😳.

    Maybeee we should just run off and get eloped hahaha!

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  2. We got married abroad with close family and friends and it was perfect. I didn’t fancy the whole big Pinterest wedding for me. However, like you said, I enjoy attending other people’s and seeing how much effort they’ve put into their big day xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I literally couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve never been one for being the centre of attention neither so I think me standing in front of all our friends and family declaring my love to my partner kind of nerves me slightly too!
    Still loving your posts☺️

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  4. I have been married now for 6months, me and my now husband have been together for ten years and have three children, so when we decided to get married the kids where a major issue in what we would and wouldn’t be doing. Myself and my now husband both come from a large families and decided that instead of doing the marriage here and spending money on everyone else to have a lovely day. We all went away to Cyprus for 11 days and had a family holiday as well as the wedding of our dreams. We invited a few close family and friends some came and some couldn’t, the main thing is we actually done what we wanted and have more than one days memories of our wedding/holiday.
    This also helped reduce the temptation to over spend because if it doesn’t fit in a case it doesn’t come And the chance of becoming bridezillar as you don’t plan things until you arrive in resort by which point as you are on holiday you are one chilled family. X

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  5. You are absolutely right about the social media influence! I am 32, unmarried (not even engaged!) and no children. I have been with my partner for 6 years now and the pressure I feel to tie the knot and have kids (not something that is going to be easy for me) is huge! This is largely down to Facebook…my news feed is full of engagement rings, weddings, scan photos and ‘back to school’ pics! As lovely as they are and as happy as I am for my friends it is hard not to feel like the odd one out and it has also contributed to a few arguments in our household! Lol

    I love your blogs by the way – thought provoking and really relatable 🙂

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  6. Been married 32 yrs
    Got married in registry office had a buffet thing at my mothers for the guests probably cost me 150 to 200 in total .
    I know few ppl who have paid thousands and not lasted longer than 5yrs .
    Its not about the money its about the love .

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  7. Having spent £11k on our big day I can honestly say that I wish we’d have had something smaller and saved the money to go towards buying a house or another round of ivf! My ideal (if I were ever to do it again) would be a church wedding with close family and friends – a relatively pricey dress (1k max) and a buffet in a marquee afterwards. Instead we had a church wedding, American muscle car, hotel reception, stupid money spent on suit hire etc. And we cut corners by diy’ing lots! Infact I made my own cake! I dread to think of what it would have cost if we didn’t!

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