Things I plan to write about…

img_0380So since I mentioned starting this, I’ve had tons of messages with people suggesting things they’d like me to talk about. I absolutely love that you guys are getting on board with me as it really is sooooo important to talk the truth about the expectations vs reality of pregnancy, birth, and then the whole whirlwind that follows!

I’m not going to make the entire blog around having kids… so if you aren’t planning on popping out sprogs anytime soon – I’m sure there’ll be something in here for you too [ be that probably food related LOL] 😀

My mind has been buzzing all day over the things I eventually want to write about but for now these are what I’m planning:

I’d love some feedback on which subjects you’d like to hear more on first!

  • Postnatal Depression & Mental Health – This is something I truly believe every mum should be given information on before they give birth. Not just a leaflet about ‘The baby blues’. I feel like it’s such a taboo subject. When in reality, people with *invisible* mental health problems including A LOT of new mums- are around us almost every day!
  • The Naughty Step – I swear some days Bobby spends more time on that bloomin’ step than off it. He’s actually wearing a little bum dent in the carpet from his constant vacations there! I want to include some stories of all the best / worst things the boys have done. As well as the new stories they are yet to make! Hopefully Jax doesn’t follow in his brother’s footsteps. Like the time Bobby pulled his nappy off in the middle of the night and decided it would be an awesome idea to do a massive dump on the carpet. Then, just to get the party started he redecorated his room a funny shade of brown… Yep, he covered his entire room in shit! The walls, the curtains, his bedding…. & to top it off he then decided to EAT the leftovers for dessert. It’s safe to say I walked in his bedroom the following morning and just walked back out again!!!
  • Breastfeeding! What they don’t tell you – So many mums want to breastfeed but end up changing over to formula within the first month or so. There is nothing wrong with this if it really isn’t for you, but on most occasions it is such a simple issue that could easily be resolved! It’s really important to ask for the support when you need it. Even friends / family that have fed as they may be able to pass on some valuable information that you didn’t know. I could talk all day on this subject as it is something I’m very passionate about. I’m very open and honest in my approach and opinions so beware of this when reading if you chose not to breastfeed [for whatever reason]. When I cover this subject I want to talk about various problems such as latching issues, tongue / lip ties, positioning etc and expressing! Most people haven’t heard of tongue tie before [me neither until I had Bobby in 2014] But both Bobby and Jax had tongue tie & they both had it cut.
  • My daily morning routine – basically I’m planning to share the tips and tricks I’ve learned on getting up, dressed, fed and out of the door since having the boys! Believe me, if you’re reading this and you don’t yet have children… Say bye bye to rolling out of bed and putting the kettle on. Then sitting there eating your CoCo Pops, while watching BBC news and listening to the latest outrageous quote from Donald Trump. Mornings with kids… generally [in our household] consist of sneaking about in stealth mode if you want to try and inhale a quick HOT coffee before the devils arise from their pits. If you don’t manage this then it all goes downhill pretty quickly from there. I can feel myself wanting to write more about this.. but I’m going stop here or i’ll never get to the next subject!
  • Things to do [& a lack of ] – I often find myself and friends texting saying ‘What can we do today??’ or ‘There’s nothing to do around here’. Obviously the English winter is pretty shitty  **see what I did there :D** but surely together we can come up with some new ideas to entertain our little people of Lowestoft? I can’t wait for the new Dinky Town in the old Winelodge building to open 🙂
  • Travelling abroad with little people
  • Routine, Routine, Routine!
  • Babywearing & Slings
  • What happens when daddy goes to work 😦
  • What happens when daddy comes home from work!! 🙂

Okay, so I think thats enough to be getting started with. PLEASE please comment or message me if there’s anything you want to ask me / think it would be good to talk about. And let me know which subject you’d like me to write about first 🙂


P.S – Throwback to the time I covered Jax in food after just ‘popping into ASDA for a couple of bits’

Haha! We’ve all been there.. I know you have too 😉


If you made it to the end then *high 5*! Thank you & don’t forget to click Follow!

Theonshoremum 🙂 x

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