A little intro…

Soooo… you’ve stumbled across my blog – [or maybe not if you’ve been following me on Facebook!] If you don’t know me; here’s a little info and basically, what this is all about  🙂

I’m Emma.. I’m mental and had two crazy boys under two!!  [Told you I was mental]

Bobby is now two and a half & Jax has just turned one… So basically if you have any idea what that’s like, then you’ll know why I can’t stay at home like EVER …. Because they drive me absolutely bloody mental. The aim of the game [blog] is to share and relieve some day-to-day stresses of having two young children.

I have an amazing fiancé ♥ [@theoffshoredad on Instagram] who spends 6 months of the year working offshore on the rigs. This means I spend a lot of time on my own with the little devils *ahem* darlings. Hence the name @theonshoremum! But equally, when he’s home that means he gets to spend a lot of valuable time with the boys – which they both absolutely love.

If you’ve got this far *well done you* please leave a comment and/or press the follow me button to get my latest blog updates 🙂

I’m a 25-year-old mama just wingin’ it daily. If you laugh when your kids fall over & take life with a pinch of salt – then you’re deffo my cuppa coffee   [I don’t like tea :O]

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